Custom Automated Mosquito Misting Systems : Homeland Defense Corp. : Valdosta GA
Providing mosquito & insect control with pyrethrum misting systems.






“These guys are really onto something. If they can control the mosquitoes and sand gnats at our bayfront home at St. George Island, Florida, they can handle anything. Boy, am I impressed!”

Jim Sineath

DevCon, Corp., Valdosta, Ga.



“The mosquitoes at our house on Ocean Pond were so horrendous that we couldn’t even enjoy our screened porch, much less our deck or yard. Homeland Defense changed all of that for us. We were skeptical, but now we believe.”

Tyson McLane

Carson McLane Funeral Home, Lake Park, Ga.



“Even though the City sprays for mosquitoes in our neighborhood, the bugs still used to drive us inside. When we put in a swimming pool, we wanted our small children to be able to enjoy it, and were thrilled that Homeland Defense could provide a solution to the mosquito problem. The system really works.”

Tom Call

Coldwell Banker Premier Real Estate, Valdosta, Ga.



“Because of the mosquitoes, we used to have to run (literally) from our condo to the beach at Cape San Blas, but since Homeland Defense installed their system for the whole complex, we can stroll and relax without being eaten alive. Heck, we can actually use our patio and the swimming pool now.”

Andy Smith

L. Andrew Smith, P.C., Attorney, Valdosta, Ga.



“Before we got our misting system, we had to go in the house by late afternoon. Now we can sit in our hot tub and watch the sunset while grilling a steak for a dinner al fresco.”

Jeff Godwin

American V-Twin, Lake Balboa, Lake Park, Ga.



“Since Homeland Defense installed a mosquito misting system at my restaurant, the outdoor dining side of our business has really taken off, because now you can, ‘Enjoy a great meal without being the Main Course.’”

Tripp Templeton

Charlie Tripper’s Restaurant, Valdosta, Ga.


“Through the years, we tried everything to try to control the mosquitoes at our home: mosquito magnets, bug zappers, foggers, even purple martins. Our old, broken-down mosquito magnet still sits in a corner of our back yard (permanently connected to propane service in an effort to avoid the endless trips for refills); it serves to remind us how wonderful it is to have finally found a solution to the mosquitoes.”

Steve Gupton

J. Stephen Gupton, Jr., PC, Attorney, Valdosta, Ga.


“As a landscape professional, I created a perfectly beautiful outdoor environment at our new home. Fortunately, we had the foresight to have a Homeland Defense misting system installed while our house was being built, and also gracefully incorporated it into our gardens. So, not only does our yard look great from inside our home, it feels great when we are outside enjoying it.”

Patrick Moon

Evergreen Landscaping, Hahira, Ga.




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