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Automated Mosquito Misting Systems : Homeland Defense Corp. : Valdosta GA

Pyrethrum: How It Works

Pyrethrum is an insecticide extracted from chrysanthemum flowers, grown primarily in Kenya. Since the early twentieth century, pyrethrum has been used effectively world wide to control mosquitoes, biting insects and other pests.

Pyrethrum is considered biodegradable and is so low in toxicity that the U.S. Government approves its use on such insect-prone foods as tomatoes; even while they are on the way to the supermarket or processing plant. Pyrethrum has been used in city water supplies to kill insects while not harming humans who continued to drink, wash and cook with the treated water.

Pyrethrum is one of the fastest-acting insecticides known. Even before it kills, it knocks down and paralyzes insects almost immediately. Small amounts of pyrethrum can jam the feeding habits of insects, effectively reducing the risk of west nile virus and other diseases carried by mosquitoes.

After decades of use, insects have not become resistant to pyrethrum. And so far, science has not devised a synthetic pesticide that combines the speed, effectiveness, activation effects and biodegradability of the botanical pyrethrum.

Our Systems

The Homeland Defense Corp.
Custom Automated Mosquito Misting System

utilizes a reservoir, pump and motor, automated timer, ¼" nylon tubing, and specialized nozzles. The reservoir can be placed in the garage, a shed or outside your house. The reservoir is filled with a solution of water and pyrethrum The 1/4" nylon tubing is concealed in the architectural details of your home, around your fence line, in trees and even in flowerbeds to make a complete protective barrier in your yard. It can be installed in new construction or existing structures.

The nozzles are installed in the tubing, approximately 8 to 12 feet apart depending on the design of your structure. The pump and motor are actuated by an eletronic timer that you set to run at designated intervals.

house eave with nozzle mistingA fine mist of insecticide is emitted from the nozzles. You can set the automatic timer so the system will come on at dusk and dawn when mosquitoes and other biting insects are most active. Since the insecticide biodegrades quickly, there will be no residue during the day that could harm butterflies or other friendly daytime insects. You may want to consider a rain sensor as well. The unit plugs into a 110 outlet and requires no special plumbing. The insecticide kills and/or repels all insects, including mosquitoes - guaranteed.

Used as directed, pyrethrum is considered low in toxicity to mammals. Botanical Pyrethrum insecticides have been used in agricultural and equine applications for decades. To our knowledge there is not a more reliable or effective product available for mosquito and insect control.




Our well trained technicians will custom design a system to meet the needs of your home, business, outdoor event, wedding, party and much more.

Protect your family, friends and love ones from pests and diseases.


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